Why You Believe You’re Not Enough

We all entered this world all bright and shiny with our own special inner design imprinted on us.  This design mapped out who we came here to be and what we came here to do.  If we were left alone to simply follow it, much like we would use a blueprint to build a home, our lives would be effortless, joyful, and fun.  But that’s not what happens.  Instead from the very start of our lives the well-meaning people around us (our parents, relatives, teachers, neighbors…) send us messages about what they want us to be like.  They told us through various ways, “Don’t be like that, be like this.”  Wanting love, we listened.  That’s when we began to forget who we really are.  Life if about the journey back to our true self.  Understanding what your true inner design is is the key to a successful journey.  It allows you to have successful relationships, work you love, and a life of purpose, happiness, and great fulfillment.