Kate--sooooooo EXCITED for our world. You are such a beautiful soul in every way and I know you have so much healing energy to share. I've witnessed it first hand! You are such a bright, strong, soft soul. You are rocking the coaching world and everyone you touch.    - Tama Kieves, Best-Selling Author


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After a traumatic event, Kate did a space clearing for my home as well as energy clearing for my family.  She also conducted Face Readings and 9 Star Ki Readings of our birthdates for myself and my children.  The readings gave me special insights into my two kids who have special needs including anxiety, ADHD, and sensory processing issues.  It was wonderful to feel I could understand them better and help them with their struggles.  Kate combines her knowledge with kindness and sensitivity.  I highly recommend working with her.   - Jill Marinelli, Personal Stylist featured on Fox News

Kate awoke things in me that I could always feel but was not aware of.  Her readings helped clarify past experiences and it was great fun to look forward to the future for further guidance.  I would highly recommend Kate and her skills, wisdom, and professionalism for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of themselves.     - Lindsey, Life Coach



It was a really good experience with you, Kate.  You really showed me that from the moment we are born, things are ingrained in us.  You showed me why people, especially me, do what they do.  It gave me better clarity.  I know now that everything is going to be alright.  Thank you for giving me clarity!   - Cheryl, Single Mom

The clearing you did for me and for my office was awesome. There was change. It was so stressful before. The clearing you did was noticeable and awesome. I feel clean. And light. - Ali, Life Coach



Thank you, so much, for all the help, advice, understanding, and explanations you’ve given me, Kate!!! You helped me connect the dots and understand events in my life that I struggled with for years. What an enormous relief it was to finally discover why certain people were placed in my life, and to understand the important role they played in helping me become the person I am today. Your passion for helping people comes shining through and you are definitely doing the work you were born to do! – Sue, Salesperson