Don’t Fall For the “Truths” of Society

I’ve found more and more lately that what I’ve been led to believe is true is not.  Things like what I’ve been told I should eat, or how I should spend my time, what constitutes being successful, what it takes to be happy, and the importance of listening to experts, turn out not to be true.

I’ve come to realize that we each have our own truth inside of us that’s always speaking to us.  We just need to get quiet and listen for it.  It shows up in whispers.  It presents itself as that gut feeling you get.  And it’s never wrong.  It may be very different from what someone else’s truth is.

When you really tap into it, there is no doubt you are hearing your truth.  Why not play around with it?  One way to do that is to question why you do what you do.  For instance, why do you eat the foods you do?  Were you told they are healthy for you?  Have you actually checked that out for yourself?  I discovered a book a few months ago called The Plan.  The premise of the book is that there are many foods that we’ve been told are among the most healthy food we can eat – asparagus, salmon, oatmeal, tomatoes – that in reality cause negative reactions in 85% of people.  Again, that’s 85% so there’s another 15% for whom those foods are healthy.

There is always a place for your own truth.  And you don’t need anyone else to tell you what your truth is.  In fact, they can’t.  Only you can hear it.  Maybe it’s time to start listening.