Becoming More Awake

I am waking up more and more every day.  Except for the rare day when I forget more often than not.  I am catching myself sooner and loving myself more.  I am realizing more often when I am judging what is and wanting it to be different.  I notice more when I am suffering due to believing things should be different than they are.  It is a huge shift for me.  I am happier and more peaceful than I’ve ever been and my life flows so much more smoothly.

I’ve learned that the only time we suffer is when we question and judge what is.  When we want things or people to be different than they are.  When we choose instead to love what is, nothing is ever bad or wrong.  There’s never anything to worry about or feel regret over because we know that what is, is perfect.

When I love what is, I am happy and peaceful, and when I don’t I am anything but.  It’s that simple.  Why not choose to love what is?