You have an inner design within you which was determined by the energy that was present in the world on the day you were born.  And it’s extraordinary!

Chinese face reading  is an ancient branch of Chinese Medicine that teaches that you were born with a personal blueprint that is unique to you and you alone.  This inner architecture can be read on your face.  Your face reflects your inner spirit, who you came here to be, and what your true calling in life is.  It determines why you think, feel, and behave the way you do.

Each feature of your face has a message for you about who you really are inside, the kind of work that will bring you joy, and how to create a positive future for yourself.  Through understanding the meaning of your features, you can develop deep compassion for yourself.  You’ll understand why you are the way you are, that it was no accident, and there isn’t anything wrong with you.

In addition to the patterns of the features of your face, there are patterns in terms of how energy moves through time.  On the day you were born, you were imprinted by the patterns that existed at that time.   Those patterns have every bit as much of an influence on your makeup  as the shape and form of the face you were born into.

My work involves helping you discover what your inner design is. When you align with your true nature, your life can unfold effortlessly.

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JM headshot 2013“After a traumatic event, Kate did a space clearing for my home as well as energy clearing for my family.  She also conducted face reading and 9 star ki readings for myself and my children.  The readings gave me special insights into my two kids who have special needs including anxiety, ADHD, and sensory processing issues.  It was wonderful to feel I could understand them better and help them with their struggles.  Kate combines her knowledge with kindness and sensitivity.  I highly recommend working with her!” - Jill Marinelli, Personal Stylist featured on Fox News


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  “Thank you, so much, for all the help, advice, understanding, and explanations you’ve given me, Kate!!!  You helped me connect the dots and understand events in my life that I struggled with for years.  What an enormous relief it was to finally discover why certain people were placed in my life, and to understand the important role they played in helping me become the person I am today.  Your passion for helping people comes shining through and you are definitely doing the work you were born to do!” – Sue, Stay at Home Mom