your own magnificence

Let me help you see your inner blueprint
and learn why who you are is perfect

You were born into the face you have for a reason.  The features of your face reveal everything about you, things like:

  • The first impression you give others
  • The type of work you're meant to be doing in the world
  • The particular type of challenge you are repeatedly faced with in life
  • The particular way you react to stress
  • The type of person who would be a good match for you
  • Your true purpose for being here 

At the time of your birth, you were also imprinted with the energy that was present on the earth on the day you were born.  This energy is revealed by studying your birthdate.

Those factors (your face and birthdate) have determined who you are and the particular life you are living. Through the ancient Chinese practice of Face Reading, you can learn who you really are, and what you need in order to be truly happy. This is fascinating work that never fails to amaze. There is a reason you are exactly as you are, and nothing about you is wrong or a mistake.  You need never believe again that who you are is not enough.  

Wouldn't you love to learn how who you are is perfect?
Let me help you discover who you were really designed to be and learn about:


The theme of the problems you keep cycling through and how to end the cycle of pain
Your true strengths and your challenges
The inner design of the people in your life so you can really know who they are inside
How to break through your limitations so you can live the life you came here to live 
How to truly love yourself 


It is my sheer joy to help you live your life aligned with your real nature, your inner design. A life of your true calling. The map of your entire journey was formed at your birth, isn't it time to find out what it is? Each year of your life has a purpose and a meaning, and when you align with it, you live your best life.
This is not astrology or numerology. Instead, the ancient principles of Chinese medicine are applied to who you are on a spirit level, to enable you to accept yourself unconditionally and to allow your life to unfold effortlessly.

Schedule a Clearing

Energy Clearing of a Space (such as a Home or Office):  $300

Many of us shower each day and then we head out the door with all the junk (stress) we've accumulated over a lifetime on us. It's kind of like the character, Pig Pen from The Peanuts cartoon.  This negative energy affects the way we think, what we believe, and how we act in life. We're often totally unaware of it.  It doesn't serve us and it often hurts us deeply.  Through clearing, we can rid ourselves of it and live a life of peace and happiness.

Space energy works the same way.  Imagine how dirty and dusty your home would be if you didn't clean it for 20 years! Spaces, such as our homes and work places, hold energy.  Residue from negative emotions, events, and conversations gets left behind by us and by the people we live with, as well as by the people who lived there before us.  And it affects the people who spend time in those spaces.

My clients have experienced major changes in their lives after having a space clearing,  It has brought them peace, enabled them to move forward in life, and transformed their life at work and at home.

I also offer Personal Energy Clearings for $30.



Schedule a Reading

Face Reading: $200 an hour

When you have your face read, something miraculous happens.  You feel seen for maybe the very first time in your life, truly seen for who you really are, because you are seen.  Connect the dots, really get you and drop all the self doubt and guilt you may have about yourself or your past.

Be able to really understand your perfection and then learn how to align with it so that your life unfolds beautifully, effortlessly.  No one I have ever read has ever not seen the absolute truth it reveals about them.  Is it your turn?


Speaking with you was amazing! The way you used the pictures of my face and my birthdate to know so much about me and really help me understand myself. It’s so helpful! And knowing that a big change is coming in my 40’s. Knowing that enables me to be open and positive. Today was really good. I love, loved our talk . . . YOU are just what I needed! I am finishing up some e-mails and turning it off for the day. And for once in a long time, I feel like I accomplished something! :-) – Lisa, Realtor